unleash your inner beast

King of the Mountain (KOM) is our most advanced class and is invite only. You can expect a mixture of high-intensity intervals, an array of hill climbs from rolling terrain to steep and punchy. For best value in this class, a power meter (or at the very least a heart-rate monitor) is suggested. Best results come from using FTP-based training to calculate precise workloads in these rides. FTP test is not required however testing can be arranged privately to help you unleash your potential in this weekday program.

Please note participation in weekday KOM classes does not pre-qualify you for participation in KOM weekend classes (unless you are currently in that weekend group, or were there last season or have done our KOM assessment).

Here are the KOM Weekday Morning Package details:

  • Package Dates: April 17th - June 5th

  • Package Length: 8 Weeks

  • Day & Start Time: Wednesdays 6am

  • Start Locations: Included in weekly emails!! Ensure to complete step 2 below to sign up officially

  • Class Length: ~60mins

  • Cost:

    • Full 8 Pack: $130

    • 5 Pack:        $110 

    • Drop Ins:       $25 

      • Special Notes:

        • *We have priced our 8 packs so that if you can only make 6 or 7 of eight classes it's still cheaper than a 5 pack (per class).

        • *Our program is progressive, the more training you commit to the better your results.

        • *You must complete your package within it's package dates, there are no carry over or credits for unused classes so please purchase appropriately. Prices do not include 5% applicable GST.