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WHAT TO EXPECT in the New Riders Club:

Class 1: Controlled Loop

  • Using a traffic controlled ride we are able to touch on 3 basic principles:
  1. Clipping In/Out and Preventing Falls
  2. Effective Signalling
  3. Class Rules/Responsibilities on the Road.

Class 2: Semi Controlled ride

  • This class is mostly segregated from traffic using effective bike lanes to reach an Iconic Vancouver cycling route. Learning outcomes are as follows:
  1. Getting familiar with the bike
  2. Group riding basics 
  3. Pacelines/Overtaking

Class 3: Traffic Integration

  • This is the first ride with full integration with road traffic as well as an intro to one of Vancouver's iconic hill climbs and notorious training routes.
  1. Gears
  2. RPE
  3. Strava

Class 4: Course Integration

  • This class is a taste of what to expect from some of our more advanced classes. You'll combine all the principals you've learned in previous classes to complete a more significant route that joins two of the previous routes together and shows you how you can adapt your routes to suit your riding requirements:
  1. Nutrition and fluids
  2. Review 
  3. Skill Refinement


Note: If you have experience and are looking for classes that are 'more of a workout' then you may be ready for Social Riders or KOM. Contact paulmof@gmail.com for more info. 


new riders club 

New to Cycling? Nervous riding on your own? Lacking basic bike handling skills?

The 'New Riders Club' is our group class to help teach the basics of cycling on the road and is an intro to group riding dynamics.

No previous experience is necessary.


  • A well functioning bicycle with gears.
  • 'Clip in' style pedals and shoes. 
  • Certified 'Road Safe' helmet.