what class is right for me?

This question can be a bit complicated as everyone is unique. Please reach out directly to discuss which class is right for you.

Generally speaking:

  • Fondo Development - Focus on Novice and Intermediate Classes offered

  • Queen of the Mountain - Ladies only group with focus on training, heavy emphasis on hill climbing intervals. This group may also crossover from Fondo Development, with some doing both simultaneously. Two options available: QOM Classic group or QOM Advanced Race Group . If you haven’t trained with us before, classic is the place to start. QOM race is by invite-only.

  • King of the Mountain - Our most advanced classes. These classes are invite only at coaches discretion.

what is the foundations workshop?

Essentially this is a ‘Learn to Ride’ workshop. Whether you are a experienced cyclist or a newer rider, everyone comes in with different skill sets and speaks slightly different variations of the same language. This workshop is designed to help riders across our classes speak one unifying language, and have the same foundations in terms of group riding dynamics and bike handling skills. If you are participating in the weekday classes, the Foundations Workshop is not a requirement. This class is a pre-requisite to any weekend class due to the progressive nature of the programs, and has a one-time fee of $80. Once you have done your first Foundations Workshop, you are welcome to join any future Foundation Workshops that season to continue to build and perfect your skills. These classes are offered at the beginning of each weekend package; please reach out for details.

what does the foundations workshop cover?

Whether you have done this before or if this is the first time doing it, we make sure you that you understand the ‘Velosophy Way.’ Some of the skills that we will cover in this one day workshop include:

  • Velosophy signals and calls

  • Single pace lines

  • Double pace lines

  • Rolling change outs / echelons

  • Advanced pace lines

  • Event / race simulation

  • Bike handling (practical cornering and descending techniques)

  • Dynamic application of skills using fitness games (fun culmination of skills into a workout)

weekend classes vs. weekday classes?

Weekday classes are short (60-75 minutes each), and are almost entirely fitness-focused. Although we do focus on group skills, some instruction will take place. These classes are designed to be flexible and fun; we allow drop-ins and have a wide range of abilities.

In contrast, Weekend classes are a mixture of high volume endurance, structured climbing intervals and dynamic group riding. Weekend classes are more progressive (3.5 - 4 hours), and build on each other as you complete your package. This program has the expectation of greater commitment throughout the season. Weekend classes do not allow drop-ins.

how do I sign up?

Please reach out to paulmof@gmail.com to sign up for classes.


Velosophy classes are generally speaking, rain or shine. Please come appropriately dressed for all weather conditions. Exceptions to this include torrential rain, icy conditions and snow. Class cancellations will be communicated by text and / or phone call up to one hour before start time. To ensure the safety of our riders, if the weather conditions present danger we will modify the rides as needed.

after sign up, how do I receive communication from velosophy?

During your sign up process, you will have been prompted to subscribe to your class email list. Each class email list is unique, so if you have multiple classes you will receive emails from each class separately.


Your questions are important to us, and we look forward to hearing from you. Please reach out by email to paulmof@gmail.com with additional questions, and please allow 24-72 hours response time as this small team has limited time each day to reply due to time constraints.